About the youtube videos converter

Telecharger-videos-youtube (Download youtube videos) is a free website to download youtube, dailymotion, vimeo, facebook, etc... videos directly to your computer in a mp4 (or other video type) or mp3 file format.

You don't need to download special software or scripts, the conversion of youtube videos to mp4 video files or mp3 audio files is done directly on our servers.

We are in no way affiliated with youtube.

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  • As for downloading to video format, the first thing to do is to paste the youtube video, dailymotion, vimeo, etc... url on the home page form.
  • On our website http://telecharger-videos-youtube.com/en paste the youtube url into the form field that is below "Download a youtube video (or a video from another website) in mp4 or mp3".
  • The click on the Download button.
  • After the loading message, once the formats appear, click on the "Select" button which corresponds to the mp3 audio format.
  • Once youtube videos are downloaded by our servers, the converter displays a new progress bar that tells you how advanced the youtube video conversion to mp3 is. When the conversion is complete, the link to download the mp3 appears.
  • Click on download to get the mp3 file!

How easy was that? This also works for url already matching an audio file, for example a Soundcloud url.